A day's worth of excitement Nov 29, 2007
Soldiers on trial for a failed coup in 2003 stormed out of the courtroom today and took over the hotel immediately next to ours. Such a very nice hotel lobby, too... and now it's all ruined. We've eaten dinner there a couple times. We're perfectly fine. It all ended peacefully and we were never in danger. I'll post more details later, but for now here's some media coverage:

Yahoo! News story
Scroll down for videos...
A day's worth of excitement Nov 29, 2007
The busses you see full of reporters at the end drove right past me on my way to the hotel this evening when some of the gates to the backroads opened to allow me to finally come home.

A day's worth of excitement Nov 29, 2007
Opening shot shows the street our hotel is on, and that we walk down almost every day. About 34 seconds in, if the camera had panned just a little further to the right, you would have been able to see our building.

We're here! Nov 1, 2007
We made it. It was a very long flight, and our sleep schedules are still catching up with us, but we've had a chance to get out and about a bit. I've uploaded some new photos. More to come soon.
Music of the Philippines? Oct 24, 2007
Saw this on the www.naxosdirect.com website (which is what I've been primarily working on for the past month or so). Perhaps this is what we're in for? Hoping so...

Less than 3 weeks left Oct 10, 2007
Our apartment is getting emptier by the day, and we've booked our plane tickets. We've been very busy these past two weeks, and it will probably only get busier. We couldn't be more excited, though! On October 26th, we'll drive down to Houston to visit family, then on the 28th we will get on a plane and ride 19 hours to Taipei. We'll have a one hour layover there, then we'll get on another plane and fly for two and a half hours to Manila. We're going to miss everyone here in the US. We'll keep in contact as much as possible. I guess there's no turning back now :)

Keep checking here for lots of photos. Currently we have it set up to show a random 10 photos out of the most recent 200, so refresh the page and you'll probably see more photos that you haven't seen before.

-Daniel and Lindsay
We're moving! Sep 10, 2007
Dear friends and family,

I've accepted a position as Senior IT Consultant for an international company called Naxos. For at least a year, beginning in early November, we'll be living in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. While there, I will be managing a team of programmers, as well as helping to create an infrastructure for their web projects. We're very excited about this opportunity that the Lord has given us, and we're appreciative of your prayers.

We love you all, and we thank you for the support and friendship you've shown us!

-Daniel and Lindsay Isenhower

P.S. -- Anyone want to buy a car? ;)